The P.G. Williamson Group, Inc.  


Established in 1997, The P. G. Williamson Group, Inc. (PGW) is a commercial real estate firm which offers comprehensive services in the areas of leasing and investment.

The brokers at PGW have decades of experience in the leasing market which is the basis of all real estate valuation. No firm is more qualified to establish the value of or execute a sale or lease.

PGW serves its clients by acting as their in-house real estate arm. This requires a significant understanding of the client’s business or investment philosophy as it pertains to any specific real estate requirement. As generalists who have developed skills in and across the specialties mentioned above, the response time to client requests and requirements are shortened and the client-provider relationship is greatly enhanced.


Principals, either as investors or users looking for properties, require a broker who can analyze properties, literally, from the ground up. This means evaluating a prospective property’s physical location and condition, its current and potential position in the leasing market as regards income and expenses and its current and potential sales value for capital gains.

Therefore, PGW must act operationally as the project manager to acquire and assimilate information from the seller and other specialists including brokers, appraisers, accountants, tax lawyers and construction managers. Coordinating the efforts of these specialists and organizing their information in a form understandable by and useful to the principal is the key that PGW provides to assist its customers in good investment decision-making.


PGW represents both tenants and landlords.

Tenants need a professional to match the negotiating ability of their landlord’s representative, who is also a real estate broker, and prepare them with the most recent market information. Whether renegotiating and extending a lease or arranging new offices, PGW lends its experience to the tenant and furnishes the complete financial and market information required in the leasing process. PGW serves tenants who require services related to their office or retail space. The majority of our assignments are for office relocations as well as the restructuring, cancellation, subleasing or assigning of existing leases.

Landlords generally do not devote in-house resources to gathering market information because they do not consider it cost or time efficient. In addition, in-house personnel do not have the market knowledge of a brokerage firm representing many tenants in different buildings. PGW with its breadth and depth of leasing transactions provides that knowledge to landlords.